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Gym & Fitness Center Cleaning Service

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Kansas City Janitorial HQ provides professional gym and fitness center cleaning to accommodate the sanitation needs of your customers. Because of the nature of gyms and fitness centers, it’s important that the machinery, restrooms, and public spaces are cleaned thoroughly and regularly to avoid spreading diseases, germs, and bacteria, most of which is transferred through perspiration, touching, and other bodily fluids. We make it easy to keep your gym and fitness center sanitized so that your customers can feel safe exercising within your facilities.

Exercise Machine Cleaning

In order to keep your gym and fitness center clean, you'll want to ensure that all of the exercise machines and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. These items can include your treadmills, weight machines, ellipticals, standard weights, pull-up machines, yoga mats, medicine balls, and more. Without sanitizing these items, they can each carry bacteria that is left behind after use and can be transmitted to the next user simply by touching. Keeping them clean also ensures that you're able to get more long-term use out of them because they're kept in top condition.

Shower and Locker Room Cleaning

Another area in the gym and fitness centers that requires regular cleaning in the shower and locker or changing room. These facilities are usually bunched together in one space so that customers can take a shower and stow away their gym gear in one setting. However, the locker room and showers are a prime location for perspiration and sweat-filled towels and clothing to spread further bacteria on places like the countertops, toilets, and benches. We help by wiping these surfaces and keeping the showers clean as well so that your clients can feel comfortable bathing themselves after a good workout.

Pool Cleaning

If your gym or fitness center has a pool or spa area, this is also a space that needs regular sanitization. There are a number of people that use the facilities and it’s important that the health and hygiene of your guests are maintained by cleaning up after them. Children can also leave behind excess bacteria and germs that need to be cleared away for future guests’ comfort. Our janitors can mop and scrub the flooring surrounding your pool, as well as sanitize handlebars, steps, stairs, ladders, and benches in the pool and spa areas.

Water Stations

Most gyms and fitness centers also have water and drinking stations where customers can fill up their water bottles, drink directly from a fountain, or purchase new water bottles from vending machines. We assist in sanitizing these spaces because of their direct exposure to individuals and potential germs or bodily fluids. Sanitizing the buttons on the vending machine, the nozzle on the water fountain, and the spout on the water dispenser, are all surfaces that can be touched by someone who has just recently completed a workout and therefore perspired a lot and spread those germs. Our team can ensure that the spreading of those germs is halted with regular cleanings of your water stations.

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