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Office Cleaning Service

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Office spaces can be an easy place to spread germs and bacteria, simply because the working stations are small and there are several employees enclosed together for long periods of time. We offer office cleaning services to help sanitize various spaces throughout the office building where your employees have close contact with germs and bacteria that can spread and lead to lowering employee health and wellbeing, as well as office comfort.

Desks and Chairs

As with most office spaces, desks and chairs can be a popular place where germs and bacteria are easily spread and surfaces that aren't likely cleaned as often. Germs can be spread as easily as an employee sitting on a busy train seat and tracking those germs into the office meeting room chairs where others will later sit too. We believe in the importance of thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing desks and chairs throughout the office, especially because so many employees spend time in those spaces. Eating at a desk or drinking at a desk can leave behind germs and bacteria, as well as sneezing, coughing, or receiving a delivery package that's been contaminated as well.

Kitchens and Lounges

The kitchens and lounges inside of an office space can also be popular spaces for germs and bacteria to gather and spread. These rooms are places where employees usually eat, drink, read, and spend time when they aren’t working or at their desks. Because of the traffic of employees that share these surfaces, it’s important to keep them clean to deter from a buildup of germs and bacteria and from one employee spreading germs and bacteria to another employee, simply from a contaminated surface.

Meeting Rooms

We can also assist with sanitizing and cleaning meeting rooms. Meeting rooms, just like the kitchens and lounges, can retain germs and bacteria due to the number of people they typically host and how many people visit them throughout the day. A lunch meeting, for example, can also result in several people eating together at the same time, all coming from different locations, and therefore, combining germs. The surface, or meeting table, that they eat on can also retain those germs and continue to spread if not thoroughly sanitized afterward.

Waiting Rooms

If your office space is one that welcomes outside clients and customers, you probably have some sort of waiting room or reception room as well. Just like your spaces on the inside of the office that is shared by employees, your waiting room can also be a breeding ground for new germs and bacteria to be brought in from outside. When you have clients checking in at the front desk, sitting in the waiting room chairs, or even touching the door handle to enter the waiting room, your office space has then been exposed to new germs that can spread and cause illness, if never cleaned and sanitized. We help remedy this by cleaning waiting rooms, including emptying the garbage, vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down common surfaces such as chairs, countertops, doorknobs, and more.

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