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Warehouse Cleaning Service

cleaning the floor and a caution that the floor is slippery

If you own or operate a warehouse, you likely also have a large team of employees that spend hours in that warehouse, creating products, stocking and storing those products, using supplies, and operating machinery. All of these tasks require touching surfaces and interacting with others, which can mean that your warehouse is a hotbed for bacteria, especially if not cleaned properly and regularly. With our team here to help you out, you can have quick and efficient warehouse cleaning services in no time!

Equipment Cleaning

Cleaning your warehouse’s equipment is a great way to kill bacteria and germs that are present on the machinery and tools as they’re used. Some of the germiest surface areas of your equipment are likely the handles and knobs, as well as the power and setting buttons that are often touched and pressed to get the machine to work as you wish. Now, imagine if an ill employee were to accidentally spread their illness by coughing or sneezing near the power button of a machine that was never cleaned. This is how germs and bacteria spread so quickly and why we tackle equipment cleaning in the first place.

Breakroom Cleaning

Another common area where germs and bacteria can accumulate is in your employee breakrooms. Since these rooms are frequented by various individuals throughout the day, it’s difficult to keep track of who washes up after themselves and what surfaces they touch. Whether it’s the coffee maker or the vending machine, or even the break table and microwave, germs can be lurking everywhere and can spread just as easily with a simple touch. We can sanitize breakrooms and make it safe to use the surfaces and the appliances once more, even after use from other individuals.

Storage Room Cleaning

Storage room cleaning is also available, as many warehouses have storage rooms and special storage facilities where products are held. Keeping a storage room clean will ensure that your products also remain clean and safe to use when they’re dispatched or sold at a later time. We can assist with dusting and wiping down storage facilities, as well as ensuring there is no harm or buildup on the actual products themselves while in storage.

Supplies Cleaning

In many warehouse settings, there are also special supplies that are often used to carry out a job role or create a product. These supplies can including mixing supplies, cooking supplies, assembly supplies, and much more, depending on what it is you’re creating or building within the warehouse. These supplies are often kept in storage and taken out or used as needed when fulfilling a job role, meaning they can easily attract dust and debris in the meantime. We help remedy this by dusting and cleaning your interior surfaces and floors to the best of our ability and reducing the amount of dust that can accumulate on your supplies. This will not only keep your warehouse as clean as possible but ensure you're able to do your job accordingly and with clean supplies.

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